Monday, 4 March 2013

Check out the things selling on my eBay!
Desperately trying to make some money, selling the old to buy the new!


Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Was meant to post this awhile ago but completely forgot! I did a re-edit of my fashion film, a lot shorter and snappier and a lot better than the first I think even though the concept has been taken out of this one...but that's what makes it better.     I hope.

I wish.

As per, black & white but lovely black & white.
And pricey!

Tank Top- The Kooples £65
Mesh Stripe Shorts by Ragged Priest- Topshop £40
Hooded Sweatshirt- The Kooples £115
Leather Jacket- Acne £850
Orixa Vagabond Shoes- Nelly £74.95
Watch- Storm £110

Maybe I should start doing affordable looks...

Friday, 8 February 2013

High Waisted Black Skinny Jeans- Topshop £40
MARIO Black Hiking Boots- Topshop £40
Calvin Klein City Watch £170
Clean Clip Backpack- Topshop £80

Basic Roll Sleeve Crop Tee- Topshop £10
Chunky Chain Necklace- Asos £15
Black High Waisted Skinny Jeans- Topshop £40
Black Velvet Vans- eBay £28
Sterling Silver Twist Ring- Essentials £18.99
Sterling Silver Hammered Triple Band Ring- Essentials £28

 Cilia Tee Dress- All Saints £258
                       Jeffrey Campbell Coltrane Boots- Office £135              
   Blue Ankle Socks- Topshop £3.50
     Calvin Klein City Watch- £170
      Grafea Bianca Backpack- £160
   Sterling Silver Hammered Band Ring- Essentials £28
   Sterling Silver Black Oval Ring- Essentials £24.99

I'm the most un-colourful person so putting some outfits together for the monochrome trend was pretty easy. Only a few of these things I own, the rest is wishful thinking...but my 21st is coming up so who knows...
I couldn't remember where I saw that white knit jumper in the first image, sorry guys. Guess I'll never own that one then!

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Always looking for inspiration for shoots, usually have a scrapbook and tear out of magazines but seen as though I haven't bought a magazine for...months, the internet is the only option. I actually hate browsing the internet for stuff I like, it's draining. I'd much prefer a magazine but been a student n'all, £4/£5 aint cheap!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Fashion film for my practical side of my dissertation. The concept is based upon the question 'Do fashion films have a greater impact than editorial print in magazines?'. The idea is that the first frame is still with no sound or movement to give you the same experience as you would get if you were to look at a magazine, then as she begins to move you are then getting the experience you would if you were to watch a fashion film. This allows you to compare and contrast the two very different experiences and see which one you believe would have a stronger effect on the viewers.